New to learn Cpp

Hello everyone i am in the First Year of my engineering and new to learn Cpp Programming language, can anyone please suggest me the best books/tutorials and also the best Cpp IDE to run the C++ program?

Thank You
The best on-line learning resource is:

What os are you using?

For Windows, the best IDE is Microsoft Visual Studio (the community version is free)

For a book, I'd suggest:
Ivor Horton's Beginning C++20: From Novice to Professional
Hello. There are many books about C++ learning - and many are bad. A few are really interesting. My first attempt to study C++ was using a tutorial series, not with books, but videos. For a few bucks, I bought access to tutorials on Udemy. I did this by learning in French language. So I cannot recommend it to you. Take a look at this one which seems to me really interesting in English. I wish you the best ++

However if you really want to read something in order to learn C++, I would like to recommend some books from Bjarne Stroustrup or Charles Petzold. Do you have any skill with coding? Maybe Python or something else?

PS : on Udemy, wait a few days. One/two times in a month, there is a promo...
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Charles Petzold

Seriously - for C++ ??????????? I don't think so.
@Geckoo, have you even looked at Petzold's list of books, they ain't strict C++ by a long shot. Windows programming is his specialty.

@lokeshjoshi, your choice of compilers/IDEs is based on your OS. What is your OS?

Visual Studio is for Windows, with a Mac flavor variant that is missing some key features. Linux is right out.

Visual Studio Code is a possibility.
@lokeshjoshi, your OS kinda determines what compiler/IDE you can use. For Windows there's Visual Studio.

Mac has a version of VS available, but there are key features not available:

There is available for Win, Mac and Linux an IDE available, Visual Studio Code:

VS Code is not the same as Visual Studio.

A non-MS C++ IDE is Code::Blocks:

For learning C++ there are FREE online resources, a tutorial here at CPlusPlus. It is years out of date so you won't learn any of the newer features of C++.

Another online tutorial is Learn C++:

Learn C++ I really do recommend since it is being updated quite frequently.

A not-for-learning-C++ resource, it is a site designed as a reference:

There is no real need to pay for resources to learn C++, there are free sites available.
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@lokeshjoshi, should you decide to install Visual Studio (Community) be forewarned the C++ workload is NOT installed by default, it has to be manually selected. Either during the initial install or later by modifying the install.
You are right. Charles Petzold cannot help our friend learning C++.
Not relevant for this specific task. Forget him :)

For French people who want to read something "dans la langue de Molière", Claude Delannoy is a good author...

I like this site for beginners :
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My first book was a Sam's Teach Yourself & I love that book. The previous version C++14/17 has 4.5/5 ratings on Amazon and you will get the same material from a college course. If you want an easy to understand book & you want to quickly dive in, this is the book for you...a great beginner book in my opinion to get your feet wet.

My second book was based on recommendations on here, Ivor Horton's Beginning C++20: From Novice to Professional, & they were right on. This one is chock full of info & you will need more time & practice to digest it all. So it depends on how far & fast you want to go? Do you want to quickly start writing code & learn less about the behind the scenes or vice-versa? I would recommend you get both really as they are cheap enough. For me, both of these will be in my library forever.

Here is a really good tutorial as a recap of just basic/core topics, but honestly you get A LOT more from just the Sam's book than any of the tutorials combined that are out there.

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