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Programming Challenge
i need to complete to code output should read This program will compute patient hospital charg...
[3 replies] Last: As a first refactor, consider which needs ValidateData() function to b... (by seeplus)
What's the difference between overloading operator<(Class& a) and operator<(Class& a, Class& b)?
What is the difference between overloading operator<(Class& a) and operator<(Class& a, Class& b) ...
[8 replies] Last: How many calls are used when it's sorted Apparently still just 1. M... (by Peter87)
A calculator question
Hello I'm trying to implement a simple calculator supporting variables. And my question is the LVal...
[10 replies] Last: istringstream gives a stream from a string. This can be used as a stre... (by seeplus)
Undefined reference?
Hi, i am new to C++ and while practicing i am getting an undefined reference error from the compiler...
[4 replies] Last: Part of the problem is that you have global: const int NUMBER_OF_ROWS... (by keskiverto)
by Pen72
Graph problem
I'd like to know what condition have I not considered in the code, this should be a DAG problem righ...
[6 replies] Last: Hello, yes I think it should be m, must be typo mistake. Thank you for... (by Pen72)
Adding a blocker in a board to restrict cell access.
I have game of Abalone that I have created I am looking for ideas to insert a blocker on the board. ...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you, @jonnin, for the feedback on this and to @George P for the ... (by SITHESH)
by Pen72
Find words
I don't know where my code went wrong, I got two correct answers and 8 wrong answers, thanks in adva...
[4 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <map> #include <set> ... (by seeplus)
by Pen72
inorder traversal
Hi I'm trying to implement inorder traversal in BST. The issue I got here is, if the data is alread...
[3 replies] Last: Your question asks about Inorder traversal but your post alludes to tr... (by ElusiveTau)
map with iterator as key?
Hi I'd like to have a map where the key type is an iterator. This will not work out of the box beca...
[4 replies] Last: > Does anyone know a way of defining a less than operator to an iterat... (by JLBorges)
by Geckoo
Format integer as a string
Hello. Is there a way to format an integer according its memory size using to_string ? I explain m...
[7 replies] Last: Now the message is simply concatenated this way : snprintf(message, ... (by Geckoo)
No idea whats wrong
Hi, I have two weird questions, not sure if its something wrong with my code... 1) Why is my outp...
[7 replies] Last: However, for a computing system, if you divide an integer by an inte... (by Geckoo)
Failure of parameters transfer
Hello, I'm trying to build an ESP32-TMC2209 application. The setup of the TMC2209 includes invocati...
[6 replies] Last: Unfortunately it didn't help. (by yonagy82)
by Geckoo
Color spectrum
Hello everyone. I hope that all is fine for you. I am still playing with pixels. Now I am searching ...
[3 replies] Last: Done. Thank you ++ (by Geckoo)
by Ch1156
What is this code doing?
So i'm following this book called SFML Game Development By Example and I've run into some code I'm n...
[1 reply] : Hello. This code is a good exercise to understand "complex" logical co... (by Geckoo)
decrement size_t in loop (1,2)
Hi everyone, I was recommended to turn on compiler warnings for debugging purposes. The compiler fr...
[25 replies] Last: > That approach works fine with VS release... >> Compile without it a... (by JLBorges)
Process exited with value 3221225477
Hello friends, I am currently working on a homework. But the code i wrote is not works as expected ...
[6 replies] Last: Thank you all. That helps a lot. (by hakanxdurak)
Is there anyways to make this less complex?
I have to delete a node in Binary Search Tree. But somehow my testcase take too much space to run. C...
[3 replies] Last: Deleting a node in a binary search tree is not trivial. There are seve... (by seeplus)
Error: MATLAB vs C++ output
I am converting a MATLAB code to a C++ and running into small differences b/w my two codes. For s...
[7 replies] Last: @jonnin Okay, I was able to fix the main "out of band issue" and get ... (by JamieAl)
Character/ASCII - Question
I am fairly new to C++ and still learning. I understand the first code is casting a char into an...
[5 replies] Last: [quote=copypasta]I am fairly new to C++ and still learning. There is ... (by George P)
Switch statement??
Hi guys, I'm putting a switch statement in a loop, for example with 3 cases as below. How do I make ...
[2 replies] Last: Don't use a switch statement. You expect to input one number, then ano... (by dhayden)
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