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by ardsio
How to update data to members of a structure
I have a large structure defined that I need to regulary update the values to the members. Now I ha...
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by frek
C++ TEA algorithm confusion
I'm going to use the C++ TEA algorithm in an application. Unfortunately I couldn't find a C++ comple...
[5 replies] Last: @frek The wikipedia article @salem pointed to is all I needed. Unless ... (by againtry)
how can I write this C++17 in c++14?
I have this code that compiles perfectly in C++17: #include <type_traits> template<typename T,...
[1 reply] : First problem is that std::conjunction is not part of C++14. Second ... (by mbozzi)
by Cplusc
build solution using cmake command in cmd
I'm trying to run the following lines using command prompt in my source file directory. mkdir buil...
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C++ Final exam
What help? You haven't asked a C++ question. You haven't posted your current code or stated what iss...
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Problem with stack
Hello, I am trying to write a Tower of Hanoi program using exceptions. I was a little unsure about h...
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i need help creating hangman with selection sort/Insertion sort and linear search algorithms
[14 replies] Last: As a first refactor, consider: #include <iostream> #include <iomani... (by seeplus)
I need help to create a function() in QT5 using QString to check if a sentence is a palindrome and m...
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by omy
[MS Detours] Passing function as parameter, Identified undefined
Hi, I am trying to hook a function with Detours 3 and have the following code: // dllmain.cpp : De...
[3 replies] Last: I am using VS2017 There are newer versions of Visual Studio availabl... (by George P)
How to get proper result for Escape Velocity?
Hello, I am doing a project where I need to find the escape velocities for given planets. I have a ...
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need some help to understand this code
I am new in c++ coding in this chapter I can not understand the meaning of " mask = 0x4<<16;"
[4 replies] Last: 0x4 << 16 means take the hex number 4 (which is 100 binary) and shift ... (by seeplus)
Quad Trees where to start?
Hello, I was tasked by my teacher to make a quad tree in c++ that takes points and says how many poi...
[6 replies] Last: You can not read entire C++ objects from a file or write them to a f... (by kigar64551)
C++ program that converts word or name to ICAO. Wont print my ICAO results.
This is my code that I am struggling to get the results (ICAO words) printed. My code has to use fun...
[2 replies] Last: Functions can take arguments and return a value . See http://www.cp... (by keskiverto)
Abstract declarator used as declaration
Hi, I'm trying to study for my second test tomorrow and I'm just doing out of the book programming c...
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by frek
The longest substring
The purpose is to find the length of the longest substring in a given string for which I wrote the i...
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what does this print?
1) void fun(); void main() { int x = 1; fun(); printf("%d"...
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by Cplusc
I am trying to build clapack and run to a problem that I can't figure it out. After running the foll...
[4 replies] Last: @yanson Thanks , I tried -DUSE_BLAS_WRAP="yes" before posting the ques... (by Cplusc)
what does this print?
1) void fun(int *p); void main() { int x = {3,2,1}; fun(x); ...
[2 replies] Last: what does this print? I refer to my answer here http://www.cpluspl... (by seeplus)
what does this print?
1) int fun(int p); void main() { int x = 3, y = {1,2,3}; y = fun(x); ...
[5 replies] Last: what does this print Put the code into a file (or use an IDE), comp... (by seeplus)
How to get Balance for 8.5?
Hello, I currently have a program to give me a line for the best fit of the y(Balance) graph. But I ...
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