Suggest network/graphics library to take website "screenshots"

Dear forum members,
I'm looking for some network/graphics library to take website "screenshot".
I want to add an option to my future program (working on Linux server in cgi-bin) to take screenshot from URL without opening the web address in the browser. As I understand it should work like a browser to load HTML and CSS code from the URL.
Is there any library to handle it?
> Is there any library to handle it?
Well there's about 150 libraries in my current instance of Firefox, so I guess you could plumb a sizeable fraction of those together to build "something".

But if you want to render reasonable facsimiles of what the user would see without spending a lifetime getting there, I'd suggest you look at

The only downside is there isn't a C++ binding - it's an opportunity to expand your toolbox.

In Python, it's 5 lines of code.

You can even run it headless with a few more lines if having something momentarily appear bothers you.

Thank you, salem c. I will try to understand this software.
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