How to format CString variable?

Hello everybody! :-) Need some help with my Win32 app - there is some SQL query to mdb file, so one of the fields is date, for example:

SqlString2 = "SELECT Main.[S/N], Employers.Employer, History.Date FROM Main INNER JOIN (Employers INNER JOIN History ON Employers.employer_code = History.employer_code) ON Main.device_code = History.device_code";
SqlString2+=" WHERE [S/N]=";
SqlString2+="' ORDER BY History.Date";
while( !recset2.IsEOF() )



So the problem is - variable sDate looks like "2022-01-24 00:00:00" in this case but I need "24.01.22" - how can I format it? Thank you for advices.

SELECT Main.[S/N], Employers.Employer, FORMAT(History.Date, 'dd.MM.yy') AS Date FROM ...
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CString has some formatting but not for dates that I know of.
you have 2 choices, the best one is above: extract it in the format you need instead.
the other one, in the c++, would be to shove the date into c++ date & time tools and pull it back out formatted as you need.
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